Kicking off my career in 2016 as a UI Designer at Flowist, a Hungarian startup known for its minimalist GTD-focused productivity app, I led design development and user validation. My contributions helped achieve over 100,000 downloads on App Store over a one-year period.

In 2018, I joined Matik, a full-service digital agency, as a Design Team Manager, where I spearheaded the overall design management for major Hungarian brands, like BioTechUSA, Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements. During my time with Matik, I led and supervised a team of four and worked on mainly B2B, B2C, and SaaS products with a touch of digital marketing.

Embracing my passion for animal advocacy, I moved to Belgium in 2023 and joined Edgard & Cooper, one of Belgium’s healthiest pet food companies, as a Product Designer. My main focus is the implementation of conversion-focused solutions, combined with the improvement of the overall design ethos.

Alongside my previous roles, I also work with a select client base on SaaS, eCom, and digital product-focused projects through Runebird.

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Currently based in

Kortrijk, Belgium

Recent clients


Scitec Nutrition

Edgard & Cooper

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Form follows function, always.

Inspect and Adapt. Every little while, stop doing what you’re doing, review what you’ve done, and see if it’s still what you should be doing and if you can do it better.

Design for people, not for praise.

Plan with purpose, create with passion.

People are not metrics.

My project approach


To start, I ensure that every step of the design process aligns seamlessly with the client's vision and objectives. In this phase, I channel my inner journalist by asking plenty of important questions upfront and revisiting the design brief.


When laying the groundwork, I perform an in-depth exploration, which includes competitive and usability audits, alongside qualitative and quantitative research, collaborating closely with the stakeholders to uncover the real needs.

IA, Wireframing

When given the green light, I advance to the design phase, focusing on creating and refining a coherent information architecture and high-fidelity wireframes to meet user needs

Visual Design

This step involves creating adaptive UI for web or mobile apps (iOS). I begin this phase once the wireframes are finalized and everyone is eager to see the designs come to life. During this step, I incorporate technical constraints, design systems, overall frame dynamism, and finally hand off the finalized layouts for development.


Design enhancements, version support, and updates are provided to the development team to ensure the final product is delivered smoothly and on time. This support also continues post-launch.

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